Thursday, 18 September 2008

Singing the Blues

Well, I am 'safe home' once again. We are finding it hard, MyMan and I, to adjust to each others ways once again.

While away visiting family I've been talking and laughing a great deal. I've been listening to music and dancing around. I've been mixing with crowds in Croydon. I've drunk wine. Sat up late into the early hours, talking and listening, listening and talking. Conversation. So many interesting things to do, places to see, people to talk with. MyMan said the 'utter peace ' while I was away was lovely. Not to have the washing machine running. No noise from the vacuum cleaner. No radio unless he chose to listen to it. He talked to only one person in the 10 days I was away. It is so quiet here I can hear the field mice breathing in the loft.

Whenever I rang to check how he was coping he told me how "so very tired" he was having to do all the meals and the day to day chores of bed making, washing up. He found it "exhausting having to do everything" for himself. He was looking forward to my return home.

I am finding it soul destroyingly hard to re-adjust to the quietness. To the depressing outlook on 'life'. I returned home with a windchime. MyMan is not at all happy at the "racket it will make". It is supposed to hang in the north west corner to bring good Feng Shui to our home. To bring us 'Peace and Harmony'. Against his better judgement it is now hanging in the porch. I await the peace and harmony to descend on our household. May it be soon.


rosiero said...

My heart goes out to you and I know just what you mean. You really do have to make that move to near your family for your own sanity.

Henry North London said...

Feng shui Is it a five metal windchime or a six bamboo windchime

They have different properties and effects.

I have done some feng shui Id be happy to help

j9marshall said...

I suspect that in enabling your husband to live life the way he wants to - you are giving up on your own life. I think moving closer to family would really help you.

After all, your husband can be alone and quiet anywhere. In fact, living on his own might be best. it can't just be about the chores can it?


Merlin's Wizard said...

I wish you peace and happiness soon.

Take Care


ladythinker said...

Hello Rosie and J9 - I know but with the state of the housing market and the current upheaval in finances I'm not sure we'll be going anywhere for a while ..
Henry - good to hear from you again .. It's a five metal windchime and it is now hanging in my rear p[orch which is almost facing WSW.
It does sound quite musical in a gentle way - and my man is finding it hard to hear it at all ... he's just been told his hearing has deteriorated a little bit more ..
Merlin's wizard - thank you ..