Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Final Dental Hurdle

I'm still coughing like a regular smoking trooper. MyMan claims he's had the same virus but minus the cold and he escaped the cough as well. In which case he has been lucky for once. Although I still feel washed out like a limp dishcloth I've tried to get back into the normal routine i.e. cooking, shopping, cleaning, nurturing. No, that last one would be a lie. I still feel a bit detached and couldn't CareLess. Tomorrow MyMan visits the dentist to have the last of 2 diseased teeth extracted. I just hope the dentist is right when he says that he should notice the difference in his general health.

I've started to worry about his lack of memory/concentration again. [MyMan's, not the dentist's] Can it only be due to weariness and depression? I still can't help but worry sometimes that he appears as if he is on the verge of Old Timer's Disease. He has had severe back spasms recently. I couldn't help but notice that he would keep bending to raise the lid of the kitchen bin rather than using the foot pedal. I asked if his leg/foot was hurting. No - it turned out the he had 'forgotten' about the pedal. Sometimes we also have great difficulty communicating on some simple issue. It's as if he can't understand what I am saying or has forgotten how to reply. When he is like this he gets increasingly irritated and fractious.

I'll have to go to see the doctor soon. I need an annual check. I've not had one for 3 years. I'll voice some of my worries when I see him.


mutleythedog said...

I do hope you are alright Ms Thinker - it all sounds very worrying.

Robert said...

I you feel well soon...really soon. I know what it's like to be an ill carer - you have to recover without having a rest!

Best wishes.

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, you had better call by my place. You simply must recover in time to lead our country. We need you!

lady thinker said...

thank you all.

St Billy - you really know how to entice a girl don't you. I'm on my way >>>

Poetess said...


I do hope the trip to the dentist goes well. I know all to weel the pain that that causes.

Hope you recover soon from your virus.

Sorry to be a stranger.


lady thinker said...

Poetess - nice to see you - don't worry - I know it can be hard to get around to visit all the blogs we'd like to see sometimes.