Wednesday, 23 January 2008

January Blues

It's been a hard month. Long dark wet days with barely any sun leave us all feeling gloomy and down. MyMan has taken a definite step backwards. The 2 teeth he had extracted a couple of weeks ago have been a real pain. Neuralgia has laid him low. A return check to the dentist yesterday garnered the information that a tooth nearby is also suspect and the filling was a 'deep' one. He's not to 'under estimate the wound' to the gum which is still yet to fully heal. So it looks as if it is going to be another long drawn out healing process - again. He still has yet 3 more teeth to be drawn. He went to have a deep tissue massage and was told his neck muscles are 'in a mess'. He is still sleeping better but the amount of pain he has daily is not helping his mood.

He feels as if he is back to square one again. Secretly so do I. But I keep reminding him of his brighter, positive mood over the Christmas break and suggest that once his teeth problems are sorted he'll return to that happier state.

All I can hang on to at the moment is that by Easter he may be over the worst. He may be feeling more positive and sociable again. Meanwhile, for me it's back to the solitary life, gritting my teeth when I feel he's being unreasonably tetchy, and socialising as a singleton again.


Ellee Seymour said...

Poor chap, men aren't very good when it comes to pain either. I'm going to have a root canal filling in a couple of weeks and I have to decide whether to replace a gap from a tooth extraction with an inplant, which I hated when I had it done once before, or a bridge - a sure sign of old age. If only I could turn the clock back and promise myself never to eat sweets.

Robert said...

I think the weather's to blame for making people feel unhappy. 2008 hasn't been very kind to me either. Roll on Spring and better weather!

Btw, I need 3 teeth out (although not urgent now, they'll become that eventually!) but I can't deal with it at the moment.

Let's hope things improve for both of us...

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, Your man's dental problems have me feeling like an impostor. All my self-promotion in the blog is put into context when I am made to realise that none of my teeth were diseased and that my extractions were straightforward.

I can only imagine how *his* gums are now feeling, and much he must be dreading the final extractions and ensuing discomfort.

It's no picnic for you, either, I know.

lady thinker said...

Greetings Elle - nice to see you here, sorry that you have tooth problems too. It's not just sweets that cause problems - fruits and antibiotics over the years attack the enamel etc.
hello Robert, I'm sure things will improve soon. The Dentist trade must be booming.
St Billy - I'm pleased to hear that your teeth extractions were straightforward - I'm sure the whisky may have helped the healing too.