Friday, 1 June 2007

Two Steps Forward - One Back

The supper party went well last weekend. The fact that I had chosen an easy simple meal was a great help. We were able to thank our friends for their support while I was away from home. My Man did vacuum and that saved me some time and effort. The fact that he then had to retire to bed for a couple of hours left me able to get on and concentrate in the kitchen. But it once again highlights just how weak he still feels. The sudden draining of energy I can only assume is due to the depression. For an unwell man he is 'very fit' with good blood test results and low blood pressure etc. He has reduced the medication he was prescribed for migraine control, in the hope he would regain some energy . But it just means the migraines are increasing again. The doctor assumes that the level of chronic pain he has is one of the causes of the fatigue and the depression [which is also known to cause fatigue] is mainly due to the chronic pain. So he is in a Catch 22 situation.
I think he is beginning to come to terms with the changes in his physical health. That, when he has worked through it all and finally adjusted, I hope will mean an improvement in his mental well being. Only time will tell. With the brighter sunnier days I try to get him outdoors as much as possible. His mood has lifted to a degree and we are beginning to share some of the funny aspects of life again - sometimes.


Poetess said...


I do understand the catch 22 siuation you both find yourselves in. After my car accident I suffered with a 12 month migrainbe. I went to bed with it ans got up with it but then I discovered Feverfew. It is herb releif for migraines and it can be bought at any herbal shop. however if your hubby is on other medication you would have to check with your doc as to whether he could take it or not. I think it is a very good idea to get out as much as possible even if it is only to the garden. I was housebound for 3 solid years and still have time where I cannot get out due to pain. It is depressing but I find getting out and knowing that I can get out puts a fresh perspective on things otherwise you loose confidence and you get cabin fever. Maybe too, you could encourage him to have his own blog.
thanks for linking my blog to yours. i have tried to do the same for you but it didn't work so will try again now.


The thinker said...

Thank you - all sounds very familiar. I'm getting him out and about as much as possible other wise it would be too easy and too 'safe' to stay at home. And then before we know it he'll be suffering from agoraphobia. He's tempted to blog - if he can use a voice activated programme - which i'll look into. Meanwhile he is slowly sorting through an old stamp collection and beginning to get into reading for pleasure. Thanks for thought. x

mutleythedog said...

Blimey -this is serious stuff! I assumed Thinker was a joke name.....(sorry) What a bad situation to be in... I always recommend topless girls and lager - not likely to help here is it...?? I suppose I better leave.

**Shuffles off feeling silly**

The thinker said...

dear mutley - don't feel silly - the thinker was chosen as a name to make me sound highly intelligent, high IQ, high emotional intelligence and a philospher etc etc. I'm trying to be more silly and lighthearted and varied on the 'And Who Cares' blog. thanks for looking in. I'm off to vote again now. X