Saturday, 26 May 2007

Free Cinema for a Carer

I found out today that the person who requires care from another - providing they receive either Disability Living Allowance, or Attendance Allowance or is Registered Blind then they can apply for The Cinema Exhibitors Association (CEA) Carer's Concessionary Card. This is held by the person with a disability . It allows one person who goes with them as a carer to claim a free cinema ticket. Check it out through the following link

Friday, 25 May 2007

Taking Stock

Looking back I realise my break away has done us both a great deal of good. My Man has had his confidence boosted. He knows he has managed to do more tasks around the house and coped quite well without me. We appreciate each other again. We have 'things' to tell each other. I feel as if I have my 'old man' back again. We are looking forward to having friends to supper. All in all life is looking up and I feel more positive.

Nurture free Zone

I read recently that scientist have identified some missing hormone in post menopausal women which means that the ladies aged over 50 yrs are less inclined to nurture, feed and care for their family. They believe this explains why there is an increase of 50+ yr old women choosing to get divorced nowadays. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is less caring as I get older. What a relief - like being crabby once a month with PMT - I can blame it on hormones or lack of them now.
I invited 4 friends to supper this weekend. Normally I would - in previous years - have been found poring over recipe books and cooking all day long for a Dinner party. Now I call it 'supper' which sounds more casual. I have the meat and which I will fling in with a can of Homepride sauce to casserole. I will cook the veges - but the pud will be the lazy cooks version of Black Forest Trifle. I will just have to assemble the ingredients.
My Man having found out how to use the Dyson has offered to vacuum and dust for me - lovely. I just hope he doesn't loose his energy suddenly at the last minute or I will be rushing round like a blue ar**ed fly trying to do it all. That's why I'm not going in for any itsy bitsy tricksy cooking. I want us both to enjoy the evening. Not as on previous evenings where the 2 hosts are both so exhausted that we end up longing for visitors to go so we can fall into bed. I've even bought posh paper napkins as I now refuse to iron cotton damask ones! Rebellion!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Children as Carers

There was so much publicity last week given to children who care for disabled and/or mentally ill parents/siblings following an inquest after a young girl committed suicide. I felt shame and ashamed. I've moaned about how difficult it is being a carer. But to hear the same words from young people was upsetting. Young people should be able to look forward to life without feelings of guilt or worry. They should be exploring and adventuring into the wider world. They should be learning for the sake of learning. It was very sad to hear so many of them speaking just as I would. But with an age gap of over 40 years between us. If you want to hear or view the BBC News report follow this link:

All I can say is if you are a young carer in a family; try and share it with as many people as possible. Explain some of the constraints and difficulties you have on your time. Do approach some of the Carers support web sites to see how you can get support when [and if] you need it. Talk to your doctor, teacher, neighbour or friends parents. Don't feel disloyal about sharing. Let your family know you are seeking support outside the family. It will benefit you all.

Some more sites to look at:,118,GP.html

If Social Services are involved in assisting your family make sure that your needs and concerns are looked at as well. Every County should have some provision for helping children who are caring for a family member. It is your right to have some help. Unfortunately in this country help is not often offered you do sometimes have to ask for it. Demand help - it is your right.

Just remember, although you feel alone - whatever your age - there are a lot of us around and we all want to help each other.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Welcome Home

I had a lovely welcome back home. Being alone obviously suited My Man. Apart from finding it tiring to cope with all meals for himself. He also did some DIY chores while I was away. I came back to a smarter lounge with all window ledges painted and a new radiator shelf up in the study. It was all clean and tidy and he had even found out how to work the vacuum cleaner. In fact I think it was cleaner than when I left. The break away has done us both some good.