Friday, 20 April 2007

Getting Used to the idea

We are doing better today. We are getting used to the idea of my being away from home for a few days. The fridge, freezer and store cupboards are full to bursting. All laundry done. I am ready to pack now and to leave on Monday morning. My Man came out to meet friends with me today. One friend was 'kind enough' to point out to MM that 'time can be such a drag when you're alone'. Well, thank you very much - that is just what we needed. I wonder whose side she is on? I know many people who find their own company difficult to bear. We each used to enjoy some solitude every week but owing to recent events and the circumstances we've been in mean we've missed that luxury. In 'normal life' as we used to know it, MM would have had projects to complete and papers to study. He has sorted out several tasks he wants to complete over the time I'm away and what he needs now is just a little lift to help him see that there are advantages to my not being at home for a while. This friend my well be best avoided for a while as she's obviously not going to help boost his confidence. He came home wishing he'd not made the effort to socialise after all. I remind him how the last time I left home (2 years ago to attend family funeral) he was much poorer healthwise than he is now. This time it should be much easier.

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